Daniel J. Finkenstadt, PhD, the sole proprietor of Wolf Stake Consulting LLC, has over 20 years of hands-on experience in defense, public procurement execution, research, and strategic management. He is one of the leading experts in functional uses of Generative AI for public procurement and executive strategy. Dr. Finkenstadt's expertise in public procurement is extensive; including market intelligence, acquisition innovation design, service performance management, and supply chain management research. He has published in multiple peer-reviewed outlets as well as leading managerial publications such as the Harvard Business Review and California Management Review - Insights. He has delivered courses and presentations to multiple military organizations and professional development organizations. He was also an assistant professor in defense management at the Naval Postgraduate School from 2020-2023 where he led the development and management of the Simulation and Ideation Lab for Applied Science (SILAS) that recently won the National Contract Management Association's Innovation in Contracting Award for 2023.